I am in charge of our church’s Easter Egg hunt this year.  And we are doing it up in a BIG way; like 10,000 eggs.  We are a small church with approximately 100 people; so this is a huge outreach for us.  Well,  I am thinking that I am all organized and on my way to accomplishing all the things that need to be done this week.  My mistake.

I head to our local Walmart to pick up the 8,000 eggs that I had pre-ordered.  I had to wait a while for someone to load them up on a pallet for me and bring them to the front of the store for me to take to my car.  They finally arrive and I take a look at the cart and they were REAL eggs.  8,000 real eggs that  you could eat. I wasn’t sure if I should cry or throw up.  Fortunately, I did neither.

Seriously??  I needed 8,000 eggs to stuff with candy and toys in two days and I have nothing!  How did this happen?   Who would need 8,000 real eggs?  Where did I go wrong with communicating that I needed 8,000 eggs for a Easter Egg hunt?  After establishing with the store manager who ordered them that it was wrong and they would graciously take care of it; I head to the Easter section to try to begin the process of finding 8,000 PLASTIC Easter eggs on the shelf.

Several of the cashiers at the registers and the customers checking out were talking about the lady who ordered 8,000 eggs accidentally.  It became a walk of shame. Just a little bit embarrassing!

I loaded  my cart with the eggs I could find and checked out at the fartherest check-out line from the Customer Service desk and left as quickly as I could.  That was kind of hard because as soon as I left the store, the wind blew some of the packages of eggs out of my cart and as soon as I would pick up some, more blew out.  Darn that Oklahoma wind!  I finally made it to my car, loaded it up and left with my tail tucked between my legs.   It will be a while before I go back to that Walmart!  But, I’m sure they will have some eggs in the diary department that will be on sale in a few days.  I’ll have to send the husband….