Hi!  I’m LaDonna.   I was raised a farm girl and will always have a bit of farm girl in me.  I have a love for junking, antiquing and re-purposing old things into new.  You can find me often times drinking coffee on my front porch, driving with loud music or sitting around the dinner table with family and friends.

A few things about me:

  • I have 3 kids, a husband and 2 dogs
  • I love God with all my heart; my faith is a big part of my life
  • I live in Oklahoma and call it home
  • I grew up on a Iowa farm with 3 sisters and no brothers.  My poor dad!
  • I was raised Mennonite and am proud of my heritage
  • I have a “thing” for old suitcases.  I have a lot of them around the house.  A. lot.
  • One of my favorite foods is hotdogs
  • I have a secret dream that I have never shared with anybody
  • I love watching Andy Griffith reruns
  • Target is my favorite store to shop at

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